The $20 million Performing Arts Theater is the final component of OCCC's 75,000 sq. ft. Visual and Performing Arts Center. Designed as a premier venue for major cultural and entertainment events in South Oklahoma City, the 1,100 seat acoustical concert hall provides high quality technical proficiency in audio, lighting, projection, and recording systems. Stagecraft innovations and first-class amenities for performers give the theater the capability to present both professional and collegiate performing companies. An energy conscious HVAC system design allows on site equipment to utilize OCCC's central plant.  Triad coordinated a specialized team of consultants for all aspects of theater planning and design including civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering as well as acousticians, stage rigging, lighting, and seating layout specialists. The active involvement of the Board of Regents and Facilities Management of OCCC maintained a continuity of vision for the project throughout the design process. 

Constructed in two phases, the VPAC's  56,500 sq. ft. phase one opened in fall of 2008 with state of the art accommodations for film and video production, visual arts, graphic communications, and photography. In addition to general academic needs for staff and faculty, the facility provides customized space for each division of the arts department, dramatically improving arts education at OCCC .  

  • Film & Video Production: studio, sound stage, technical backstage area w/projection and recording control facilities; audio/video/lighting control, editing and sound editing lab; set design
  • Visual Arts: art gallery, multi-media classrooms and labs for painting, drawing, and pottery, including kiln room
  • Music: rehearsal rooms, piano/MIDI lab, music library, soundproofed teaching studios, and practice rooms
  • Photography Studio: darkroom, print and film rooms, all-digital lab, and iIMac computers

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